have you ever thought…

March 18, 2010

When you buy a new iPhone it comes with a very nice photo of earth as background. We’re used to see lots of images like that nowadays but if you stop for a while and think about it… Is it real? I mean, where camera should be placed to get the whole thing inside the lens?

It turns out that image is not real, it’s the result of several satellite images, along with many other sources, pasted on a 3D globe surface. It’s called Blue Marble 2002 and got inspired by a 1998 Nasa project (Blue Marble 2000)  aiming to get the most precise image of our planet. Later, in 2005 a new version, Blue Marble IPCC, was created and it’s at the moment the most detailed continuous and seamless true-color images of the Earth’s surface ever produced.

But we actually have a real photo of earth, taken in 1972 by the crew of Apollo 17 (with a 70-millimeter Hasselblad) from a distance of about 45,000 km (here’s where you need to place your camera, should you have an holiday in space). Unsurprising it’s called… Blue Marble and it’s the gourgeous one you can see in this post. :]

More info on the Institute for Atmospheric and Climate Science webpage.

Cheese! :]

[font: ETH]


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