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how I hire programmers

December 1, 2009

by Aaron Swartz

There are three questions you have when you’re hiring a programmer (or anyone, for that matter): Are they smart? Can they get stuff done? Can you work with them? Someone who’s smart but doesn’t get stuff done should be your friend, not your employee. You can talk your problems over with them while they procrastinate on their actual job. Someone who gets stuff done but isn’t smart is inefficient: non-smart people get stuff done by doing it the hard way and working with them is slow and frustrating. Someone you can’t work with, you can’t work with.

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music sales over time

November 30, 2009

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Really nice graphic about music sales in history. You can see the overwhelming success of CD that alone sold more than cassette and LP together.

The graphic accompanies this column by Charles Blow on the music industry.

[from: daring fireball]